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Why study with us?

Spanish is the new tool for the future ... learn it fast and easy!

The importance of Spanish language resides mainly in knowing the language that almost 500 million people speak, and that also has an impressive cultural and historical value; a remarkable influence for international businesses, and a decisive importance for international relations. Even when it is the official language in 22 countries, its development has been greater as the second most spoken language within countries that design the course of international finances, such as the United States, where the Hispanic population has grown 60% in only one decade, becoming the second greater community of immigrants in that country.

In addition, it has become one of the essential languages for international businesses with countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina and even the United States at the top of those businesses. Spanish is therefore the second most spoken language in international affairs, just after English.

Make new friends and conect with people all around the world!

We have been receiving students from all over the world mainly from Germany, United States, Australia and Brasil. Bond, create interesting networks for your future. We have been doing this for many years, and our former students can give you an idea of what the program is like.  Ask for their e mails!

Individualized, Customized ​Learning Plans

These courses are designed for students who wish to take part in a fast learning of the language, combined with social and cultural activities that allow them to practice it at the same time. The academic syllabus covers all the aspects of the language learning process (writing, reading, speaking and understanding) with special emphasis on the development of communicational skills on the part of the student. The objective is that the language acquisition can be further enhanced by its continuous use in real life situations and contexts.

Artur Rocha, Brasil.


"Great program and great teachers. I didnt believe the program was real but after searching, and asking ex students I felt safe to travel. It was a good and full filling experience.".


Pedro Peixoto, Campinas


 "I was afraid when I arrived there wasnt going to be a school, but ended up at an awesome residence with people from all over the world having the time of my life... and learned spanish off course kakakakak".

Bruno Coutinho, Maceio


"My brother did this same program 3 years ago and recommended it to me. Made good friends there, travelled in the weekends and practised my spanish a lot. I highly recommend it".

Sarah Douglas, Il


"I kissed so many people in the cheek while in Argentina than my mouth got dry! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS COUNTRY!".

Top universities sending students. We have received big amounts of students from:
United States

Eastern Illinois University, Yale, Eckerd, Berkley, New Heaven University, Colgate University




The Language and Culture Scholarships Programs is pleased to announce *100 Partial Scholarships to attend in Córdoba or Santiago de Chile a Spanish Language Course. The program main objective is to diffuse the Spanish language worldwide.  We usually receive about 500 applications forms and at the moment 670 students from around the world had the opportunity to come to study Spanish in 2009/14.  It is very simple to study Spanish in Argentina or Chile, this unique program can help you to find an easy way to experience a wonderful international experience next year.


This spanish partial scholarship program was created in 2009, thanks to an alliance between ABLE SPANISH and several companies that decided to subsidize part of it. The Program was developed in cooperation and support of The European Club, The Law Club Association of Córdoba, Italian-Argentinena Youth Association, Rotex Exchange Student Association. The program is coordinated by A.B.L.E. SPANISH, Argentina’s and Chile´s leading organization dedicated to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language with official recognition of the Argentinean and Chilean government. (National, State and Municipal) The Language and Culture Scholarships Programs is a result of special agreements and relationships between two Spanish educational organizations, the Government of Argentina and Chile (State and Municipal) and other institutions.


The Scholarship program has been designed to enhance educational and professional opportunities for students, and will benefit the Language and Culture Scholarships Programs as it continues to pursue the increase and diffusion of knowledge.The goal of this Scholarship program is to give the students an in-depth understanding of the culture and civilization of Argentina and Chile, and how it fits into the wider spectrum of Latin America. A series of lectures and readings on the historical, philosophical, literary and artistic development of Latin America form the basis for class discussion.


In order to familiarize students with their new surroundings and the academic system, an orientation period is scheduled at the beginning of the program. This program concentrates on the development of greater fluency and accuracy in the spoken as well as the written language. Students will be exposed to aural-oral practice through the presentation of oral reports and class discussions based on short literary pieces by Hispano-American authors. Greater accuracy in the language will be achieved through intensive practice of the grammatical structures. Class time is also devoted to developing native-like vocabulary, enabling students to participate in a wide range of practical, social, professional, and academic discussions, and developing the higher functions of the language, such as making hypotheses, supporting opinions, and dealing with abstract thought


Is very simple to study Spanish in South America, take a look



You will be attending Spanish classes at A.B.L.E. SPANISH. The school has been teaching languages as a second language for more that 15 years to thousands of students that today enjoy different cultures all over the world, thanks to the effectiveness of our teaching methods. All of our teachers are native speakers, highly trained and experienced in the area of teaching Spanish as a second language, meanwhile, the courses are flexible, adapting to what each student needs. If you don´t know a word of Spanish start learning today from internet or take some classes in you own country. Spanish knowledge is highly recommended for this program.A.B.L.E. SPANISH Aprendizaje Basado en Lenguas Extranjeras

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